$10 would buy one day’s lunch for three teen girls who are participating in a “Dream It, Be It” workshop.

$25 would buy  (1) 150 Teen Dating Violence Bookmarks which we distribute via  InterAct’s healthy relationships program in Wake County middle and high schools, as well as in our “Dream It, Be It” program; or (2) a Stored Value Card which provides bus fare to one of our “Live Your Dream Plus” participants; or (3) training materials for a teacher who is participating in our “Educate to Lead” program in Nepal.

$50 would buy (1) a day of day care for the children of one of our “Live Your Dream Plus” participants; or (2) a Holiday grocery gift card for that woman.

Take action to improve the lives of women and girls in our community. Make a PayPal donation today!

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on Saturday January 26, 2019