Amy is enrolled in the practical nursing program at Durham Tech Community College. She works part-time and is a single mother.

Amy moved to the United States to be with her spouse in 2018. Having always been very passionate about helping people and making a difference, she enrolled at Durham Tech to start a career in nursing. Unfortunately her marital situation deteriorated due to emotional abuse, and she has separated from her husband. With no family nearby, and no financial support from her estranged spouse, it has been a struggle to balance work, school and single motherhood.

Her instructors agree that Amy is a hard-working, excellent student. One commented that “I can tell by her work that she gives her all to every assignment and will give her all to her career.”

Amy’s goals are to first become a licensed practical nurse, then continue to become a registered nurse and eventually get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Despite the challenges she faces, Amy states “I have not let this to hinder me since I am determined to achieve my goals and contribute to the society. This award could go a very long way in helping me to continue my education.”