Erica embodies the Be, Know, Do attitude. She graduated in December 2023 with her associate degree in human services from Wake Tech Community College (WTCC), however she did not rest long. She is currently enrolled at WTCC taking a prerequisite course to attend the University of North Carolina-Wilmington (UNC-W) for a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW). She works full-time at United Way, is a single mother to three energetic teenagers, and serves as the legal guardian for her 98-year-old aunt. 

Erica’s children understand that education can support any dreams and are excelling in their studies. Her three children have the great example of Erica pursuing higher education while working full-time. Having always been very passionate about helping people and making a difference, Erica wants to help teens develop the necessary life skills to thrive.

Erica’s goal is to be a licensed social worker by achieving her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) with the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Despite the challenges she faces, Erica states she “can have a soft heart and be a fighter.”