What a turnout we had for PuzzleMania last weekend – over 180 puzzlers!! This was the 5th time we have held the event and it gets bigger and better every time!

We loved to see people of all ages come out and play – with many teams in matching t-shirts! Over $5,000 was raised for our Dream programs which support women and girls in the Triangle.

Fun fact: No one sat at Table 13!

Congrats to our winning team PK Puzzlers who completed the 500 piece puzzle in just 36 minutes! Here are the top 5 finishers, all of whom received cash prizes.

1. PK Puzzlers- time: 36.51 (shown below, 1st row far left)
2. Overcash 4- time: 44:03
3. Give Piece a Chance #2- time: 47:20
4. Separation Anxiety- time: 47:56
5. Getting Jiggy With It #1- time: 57:56