Kayla is pursuing an Associate Degree of Nursing at Wake Technical Community College while working part-time and caring for a young child. She plans to complete her degree in December 2021.

Growing up, Kayla saw the challenges of a parent battling a chronic illness and the important role nurses played in helping the family.

“When the nurses entered the room, I saw a weight evaporate from my mother’s shoulders. In my young mind, these nurses were angels in uniform. From that moment, I knew I would become a nurse.”

This goal would not be easily achieved, however. Kayla experienced the deaths of her father and her best friend, both of whom had also been pursuing dreams of becoming nurses. She also admits she grew up in an environment of “learned hopelessness” and was filled with self-doubt. After becoming a mother, she was able to look at those lives cut short as an inspiration and is now close to finishing her degree. Kayla is confident she will succeed.

Upon earning her associate degree, Kayla intends to continue her education while working. She hopes to complete the necessary steps to become a nurse practitioner. The required graduate nursing program would also enable her to have a role in teaching others.

Watch Kayla talk about the journey and why she is now finishing her education. Please forgive the quality of the Zoom video – the audio quality is excellent though!