Krystal is pursuing an associate degree in early childhood education at Stanly Community College. She works full-time and is a single parent of 3 children. Her oldest daughter is 20 and working, but due to mental health issues continues to live at home. Her middle daughter works full-time while also being full-time in college. Her youngest child has special needs and is in high school.

Perseverance is Krystal’s strength. When she first started at Stanly, she couldn’t afford home internet and relied on her local coffee shop for free internet. She downloaded what she needed to complete her schoolwork offline at home, and returned to upload her assignments.

Krystal loves teaching and has been a pre-school teacher and 23 years. Her friends spoke highly of her positive energy and dedication to her teaching, family, and education. One friend noted “Despite getting divorced, losing her mother, and dealing with health issues, Krystal has never allowed anything to stop her from her goals. Despite life’s challenges, Krystal is always there for her biological children and her students in her classroom(s). We need more teachers like Krystal. She is magical.”

Krystal is excited to be only 6 more classes from getting her degree, which will mean a pay raise at her job. Her next goal is to get her bachelor degree in order to teach kindergarten, and one day buy a home. Right now though, she’ll be happy just to be able to buy groceries, provide for her children and worry a little less about the bills.