Mia is enrolled at Wake Technical Community College, expecting to graduate in May 2025 majoring in human services. She works part-time and has a 1 year old daughter.

Growing up in foster care, Mia didn’t see many individuals like herself graduating or pursuing a higher education. This inspired her to strive for excellence and be a positive example for her nieces, nephews, and now her daughter. 

Despite facing numerous obstacles, Mia remains determined in her educational journey and to make an impact. She states, “I believe in working hard and refuse to accept failure. I envision a bright future for myself, where I can make a positive impact on the world through my compassion and education. I aspire to inspire other single mothers who may feel discouraged, showing them that they too can achieve their goals.”

Her instructors describe her as hard-working, mature, and inspiring to both her classmates and teachers. As one teacher described, “She is a survivor.” 

Mia plans to obtain an associate degree from Wake Tech and then pursue a bachelor’s degree to become a social worker. Pursuing higher education will equip her with the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful career.