Shameda’s passion has always been serving and caring for the underserved population. She will complete her current program at Durham Technical Community College in May. After passing the exam to become a Registered Nurse, she will seek work on a Labor and Delivery unit. Shameda’s future goals include becoming a midwife and promoting gynecological care as an integral part of health care. She is committed to providing quality care to women in low resource settings.

Shameda was adopted at the young age of six by her paternal aunt who instilled in her that she was far more than the limitations of her environment. Shameda credits her aunt with ingraining the qualities of compassion, patience, perseverance, and accountability in her.

She served in the US Armed Forces for 10 years and is the single parent of a 3-year old son. She derives her motivation from her son – she changed her career path to provide a better life for the two of them.

Shameda shares this insight, “I have been climbing obstacles throughout my life, trying to equip myself each step along the way. Looking back, I realize that my challenges have enabled me to find a solid footing within any situation that may come my way.”