We are thrilled to report that planning is underway for our next PuzzleMania event which will be held August 10.

This will be our 6th time hosting the event, and it’s been amazing to see it grow to become this diverse gathering of over 200 people.

We are thankful to see so many people come out in support of our mission, providing women and girls with access to education so they may achieve their career goals and provide a better life for their families. This year, we were able to help more women and girls than ever before.

Which is why this August, are looking to double our fundraising goals and hope to raise $10,000.

One way we’re going to do this is by offering companies and organizations the ability to be a sponsor. Partnering as a sponsor for this event would offer a unique platform for awareness and engagement, and sponsorships start at just $250.

If you represent a local business or know of one that would be interested in becoming a sponsor, visit this page for more information.

We hope we can count on you to make this event our best one ever!