Thadene expects to graduate in 2018 from Miller-Motte College with her Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. Her immediate career goal is to obtain a job in the social work field to help struggling families and youth.

Growing up, Thadene lacked emotional stability and physical security as she was shuffled between the homes of various relatives. Thadene’s battle with depression started when she was molested as child.

After graduating from high school, with no single place to call home, Thadene began to self-medicate with marijuana, alcohol, and sex. From 2008 until 2014, she moved frequently, living in shelters or with others, including her mother, sister, and boyfriend’s parents. During these unstable times, Thadene gave birth to her daughter and son.

A turning point came when Thadene moved into a rehabilitation treatment center for addicts and completed a 9-month recovery program. She reunited with the father of her children, maintained sobriety, purchased a Wheels 4 Hope car, and worked to build a safe and stable home.

Thadene shares this good news, “In 2014, I started the best job I’ve ever had. In 2015, I used my tax refund for a deposit on a clean and affordable apartment. My own place. I am so proud because I know that even with all I have been through I’m not a failure. I want the world to know that God always provides and makes a way. I am passionate about helping people on the strength of all the wonderful people who have entered my life and believed in me.”