Giordanna is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in hospitality at North Carolina Central University. She works full-time and has one son. 

In 2021, Giordanna  experienced a series of challenges that led to deep depression and weight loss. First, she was involved in a hit and run accident. Then her best friend was murdered, losing her life to domestic violence, and shortly thereafter, Giordanna’s partner chose violence as well. She sought help for her depression through the school counseling program, but it wasn’t enough. Giordanna opted to enlist in the military. However, she became pregnant, rendering her ineligible to serve. 

Giordanna decided to raise her son and continue her education and plans to graduate in 2026. With the Live Your Dream Award, she is going to pay her tuition and buy a laptop. Her long term goals are to own her own business and help women. 

She wrote in her application, “It is important to me that I have a successful outcome in this thing called life so that I’ll be able to leave something behind for my son and to show girls who are just like me and who have been through things like me that there is no limit and life is only what you make of it.”